“As I was preparing for birth and potentially encapsulating, Courtney was so gracious in answering a nonstop string of questions from me.  Unfortunately, I was unable to have it done because of labor/delivery complications. I didn’t realize this until Courtney had already made the trip to the hospital – but she again was very gracious though she had gone out of her way, and she even followed up with an email to make sure we were all doing okay.  So, though I can’t vouch for the capsules, based on service I would recommend her to anyone and will be contacting her if there is a baby #2.”  Cristin C., Royal Oak

“The service is very fast, efficient and of high quality. We got the pills (together with the placenta print and cord keepsake) within 18 hours after delivery. My wife takes the placenta pills according to the instructions. She does feel energy boost-up after taking them, and she never got postpartum depression. Courtney also responds quite quickly and gives us helpful advice whenever we ask her questions about postpartum care. We appreciate her help and would recommend her to our friends.”  ~Weisheng W., Ann Arbor, MI

“I am so pleased with the service that you provided!  My milk supply is fantastic, along with my mood, and I am healing beautifully.  The print and the keepsake that you added in brought me to tears.  I can’t thank you enough.  I am so happy that I contacted you.  My husband was skeptical, but has since softened to the idea, and is now interested in my progress, and loves the mementos.”
~Veronica R., Ann Arbor, MI
“Hi Courtney,
 Thanks for checking in. Everything seems to be going well. Just trying to adjust to the new sleep/feed schedule as best we can…but mostly spending our time in awe of this beautiful creature we’ve created! Truly amazing.  No problems with the placenta caps. I notice that they have an iron-y taste, almost like blood….which would make sense, obviously. 🙂 I am really happy with the professional service you provided and I would, without question, recommend you to any of my friends who were interested in placenta services.  Thanks again, Courtney! Maybe we will work together again in the future. :)”~Lyneah B., Plymouth, MI

” I am great! The pills are very effective, I can tell by my mood and energy if I forget to take one 🙂 Baby is nursing like a champ and very healthy. It’s truly a blessing what you do, and I can’t thank you enough.”  ~Jessica, Romulus, MI

“I am doing well. Everything is going as perfectly as I could hope for. I am healing well and our baby girl is totally healthy. I’ve definitely noticed that the pills help with my mood as well. Thanks again for everything. Should I ever wind up pregnant a second time, I will definitely be enlisting your services again.” ~Jamie, West Bloomfield, MI

“Thanks Courtney!!  I am feeling awesome :).  Definitely got an energy boost yesterday after taking my first pill.  That.  Is.  Amazing!!  Why anyone would just throw their placenta away is unthinkable… can’t believe I didn’t do this (err, know about it even) with my first son.  Thanks again.”~Robyn D. -Ann Arbor, MI
“Placenta encapsulation has been extremely effective in keeping my energy level high, especially in the days immediately following birth. Further, it also seems to have helped with post partum depression, as I have not experienced it this time around. Finally, Courtney was very helpful from the moment I talked with her: she helped guide my initial decision by providing honest responses to my numerous questions, and she then provided a wonderful service, being responsive and reliable. I would recommend Mother’s Own-Placenta Encapsulation Services to any new mom who is afraid she might experience PPD.”~Alex A. -Ann Arbor, MI

“Courtney was spectacular from the get-go. I definitely felt a little crazy for considering placenta encapsulation, but she assured me that it could be effective. I had my placenta frozen in my fridge for over two months when I finally decided to give her a call. Courtney made sure the process was seamless. She picked it up at my home, when it was convenient for me, and then dropped of the Placenta capsules only a few days later. I could tell my placenta was handled with care, as she even made a heart-shaped umbilical cord memento! I took the capsules on and off for a few weeks, and in no time was feeling more mentally balanced. I would recommend Courtney’s service to all postpartum women. You have nothing to lose, and possibly so much to gain!”~Monica G. -Ann Arbor, MI

“Courtney encapsulated my placenta and I have had so many benefits from it. I basically had all the PPD symptoms one can think of…. Depression/anxiety, fatigue, loss of appetite and most recently, losing my hair. Courtney did this for me at a very reasonable price for 2 placentas. I had twin girls in November and she brought the pills to me at the hospital, very quick turnaround . I would definitely recommend doing this!!” ~Jennifer F. -South Lyon, MI

“I highly recommend choosing Courtney to take care of your placenta! From start to finish she was nothing but pleasant and professional. She was very punctual in both picking up and processing the placenta, and delivered it back right on time, in a thoughtful gift bag. Her awesome attitude and high level of professionalism will have me recommending her to every pregnant lady I know! You won’t be sorry! =)”~Andrea S. -Westland, MI

“I was pretty skeptical of placenta encapsulation (and even more so was my husband!) but I knew that I wanted to do everything in my power to help my body recover, and give my new baby the best nutrition possible. So, on a bit of a whim, I decided to do it! Let me tell you, adjusting to life with a newborn and a 20 month old boy at home was easier for me than when I brought my firstborn home… The placenta pills gave me energy and regulated my emotions (hormones) in a magnificent way! I was amazed! After a couple weeks, my husband told me that we’re doing this with every baby here on out – that’s what a difference he saw! Mother’s Own was SO wonderful to work with – it was extremely easy and I had the pills less than a day later. It required no thought or effort on my end! I have been recommending it to all my friends!” ~ Analise H. -West Bloomfield, MI

“I became interested in placenta encapsulation when I was pregnant with my son. My own mother suffered from serious bouts of postpartum depression and I was concerned about that possibility for myself. I learned that ingesting my placenta would help replace the hormones lost after giving birth, which lessens the hormone “crash” many new moms experience. Did it work? I can only say that I experienced NO depression. I had two mild waves of emotion that passed within minutes (which felt perfectly normal and fine). I think anyone who is concerned about PPD should consider having their placenta encapsulated. It’s a wonderful, natural way for the mother to take care of her mental and physical well being. No pharmaceuticals needed!” -Mandy U. -Santa Monica, CA

“I was bedridden for the first 3 months postpartum from all the complications of my son’s birth. My symptoms included severe abdominal pain, insomnia, depression, sciatica, bladder distention injury and dysfunction, to name a few. However, I did not encapsulate my placenta until my son was 6 months old. Suddenly my joint pain, insomnia, and depression all improved tremendously. What had been constant bladder pain stopped the very next day and I never had to catheterize again (which I was doing 3x a day). I had SO much more energy, it was amazing! I could have kicked myself for not doing it sooner and going through all that needless suffering. The benefits were unbelievably profound, practically instant (24 hrs), and far superior to anything the Dr.s tried to do for all of my postpartum medical issues. All other mammals consume their placentas and now I know that we should too. It is natures way of putting things back right after birth, especially when the birth has been traumatic.” -Sasha L. -Ann Arbor, MI

To reach us right away please call or text message Courtney at:  734-757-7381

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