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Hello, my name is Courtney Blake. I would like to tell you about my experience with Placenta Encapsulation. I have had a very pleasant postpartum period and believe that choosing to consume my placenta via Placenta Encapsulation is a very big reason why. It really does make sense when I think about it.

The placenta grows as the baby grows and it holds all kinds of hormones and nutrients. Where do those nutrients go after my baby is born? Well, usually the placenta is discarded or used for medical experimentation. I chose to take my placenta home and send it off for encapsulation. My older sister had her placenta encapsulated and encouraged me to look in to it. Our mother had terrible postpartum depression with her last pregnancy (me) and my sister wanted to try consuming her placenta as a means of avoiding postpartum depression. Because she claimed that it worked and she was glad that she consumed her placenta, I took the steps to have mine encapsulated as well.

After doing some research, I also discovered that placenta consumption could help to prevent excessive bleeding, iron-loss, help my uterus shrink back to its normal size, increase energy, help with insomnia, and help with milk production. Why isn’t everyone doing this?

I was sold. I did my research, contacted a somewhat-local encapsulator and spoke with my Midwives about it at several appointments. Because I was having a hospital birth, I knew that I would have to address the hospital staff as well. When I went in to have my baby, I made sure to show my birth plan to all of the hospital staff and I even attached a separate “Placenta Plan”, that basically requested that no chemicals be put on my placenta and that is was promptly put on ice and saved for me.

I brought my own little cooler to the hospital and arranged for my dad to take it home and then overnight it to the encapsulator for me.

The encapsulator received my overnighted placenta, encapsulated it using the Tradtional Chinese Method and shipped my pills to me within a few days.

I figured that the capsules would help me, but I had no idea to what extent. I was skeptical, but hopeful. I took my first dose and didn’t feel a whole lot different. But after my second and third doses, I could tell that they were actually helping.

After I had Alice, I had this “cry hour”. Well actually it was a “cry three hours”. I would weep from about 5p-8p nightly, until the placenta capsules arrived. Then I noticed that my “cry hour” went away, I had more energy and was actually, truly enjoying being a new Mama.

I was so grateful. I took the capsules for about three weeks regularly and then tapered off to when I felt I needed an emotional boost. I still have some left (my placenta was huge and yielded an unusually large amount of capsules) and I still take them for those occassional, “raw” emotional days. They never fail to help.

I want to share this with all the women I possibly can because I believe that placenta consumption truly does help women in so many ways. Many mammals (cats and dogs) do it, and yes there is argument that they only do it to keep the birthing area clean, but the hormonal aspect and replenishing the body right away with what is just lost makes complete sense to me.

I have become so passionate about placenta consumption that I have started helping women consume their own placenta by becoming a placenta encapsulator myself.

If you are curious about Placenta Encapsulation and would like more information please call:  734-757-7381 or email Courtney at:

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