Traditional Chinese Medicine Inspired Method

The TCM style of preparing for placenta encapsulation is inspired by the Traditional Chinese Medicine method that involves cleaning the placenta, gently heating the placenta with fresh, organic lemon and ginger and then dehydrating the placenta before it is put into capsules. Using this preparation is thought to bring out the placentas healing and toning properties. In the TCM theory, it is believed that the process of birth (no baby on the inside and blood loss) leaves mom very yin or cold. One way to help this is to add yang energy or heat energy. We do this through the gentle steaming process. The placenta is not cooked so it retains all of its nutrients. The TCM method also provides a slow/ steady release of energy helping mom to stabilize in the postpartum period. This method usually produces fewer pills and may require that mom take more pills for a longer period of time.  (Please note that I am not a TCM practitioner.  My placenta encapsulation process is inspired by the TCM methods.)  $275

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